Monday, August 06, 2007

Summer has finally arrived!

The Sun has got his hat on..... (ok I wont really sing!) finally its 31 degrees here and I've been out cutting the grass and deadheading the roses. Ok I can't really moan at the rain, everything has been growing at such a pace this year.
The cue has been growing - just when do you pick it though? Too soon and its not sweet, too late and its bitter - still I think its nearly ready!!The garden has been coming on a pace - on the left you can see the baby sweetcorn (its the sort that you stir-fry in chinese meals rather than the big cob sort). Also I've has several meals from the runner beans and the little french beans are growing too (thought they would be taller but they fit into my square foot garden a treat)

Just for Margaret, the Mummy Datura is growing - I can see little flower spikes forming so won't be long. You can see the new patio that no. 1 son has built (say no more!!!) his girlfriend is on holiday and he was bored!! - lets just say I don't think he will make a builder!

Finally, you can see the Square Foot Garden in full - it has certainly grown well this year (with thanks to all that rain and now sunshine!)


RUTH said...

Lucky you...still no sign of a bud on my Datura...think I've struck unlucky this year though!!! I don't know much about cucumbers but your one looks great.

Margaret said...

WOW !!!!!! Ur garden is coming on well , one of the Datura seeds you sent me has grown really fast ,its about to flower il take a pic today and send it to you , Happy Gardening .