Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Cutting Grass

Why am I still cutting my grass in November? I thought it was meant to go to sleep over the winter - but with the warm weather still its growing like anything!! I even had a man round asking if I would like him to cut it - only £12.00 front and back!! Said I would do it myself. I apologise for not writing in my blog for a while - I've been really busy - I've gone back to work (after 13 years of looking after my Mum) and I've also started a college course - Diploma in Administration. Well you will laugh I am training to be a Secretary again (was before I had my children) and my job is in the Butchery counter of Tescos. Well guess whos now a Bronze Butcher!!! Yep passed the first test last Friday - I keep giggling to myself at Mum's face would have been at me being a Butcher!!! Any meat anyone.......!!! What with two exams next week in Text and Word Processing just where the future lies no one knows!
You know I used to think that working in a supermarket was only for those people who couldnt get any other job - or Mums just filling in time whilst their kids are at school - well I apologise - my feet are k******!! I take my hat off to all you men and women - they earn their money - it is not an easy job and some of the comments you get well...!!! People can be quite rude - I had to weigh the same two pieces of meat 6 times until two old dears decided which one to have (there was only 6p difference!) it didnt bother me but the queue behind was not amused!! Lets just say the man behind decided for them and even offered to buy the bloomin bit if they would just get a move on!! You do have a laugh - I think you have to but its just standing for 6 1/2 hours that my poor feet arnt used to!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Getting ready for winter

Ok its raining outside what do you do to get ready for winter? Look for catalogues and buy lots of seeds ready for next year!! Nothing better than to plan what you are going to change/do next year. Try something new, a plant or seed you've not tried before - and when it comes up share with others... even have a competition to see who can grow the biggest!
The roses have been cut back for winter - if you leave them too big they will suffer from wind-rock and next year instead of having the roses at nose height they will be too tall for you to smell them. Cut back a third and then in the spring when you see the new shoots cut back further and then hopefully your roses will appreciate it. Any banana skins can be chopped up and spread around the roses - this adds potassium which helps them to flower next year. A good spread of muck or home made compost and the rose will be happy for the winter - Good luck!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Ok it was hailstoning yesterday - fine all of you that live in Scotland but here in the South of England thats all most un heard of! My son went running out into the garden to collect them and currently they are residing in my freezer!

The water butt is now full - one nights worth of rain and the downpipe did its job collecting the rain from me and my neighbours roof (we are semi-detached!) so am really pleased.

I finished off all the odds and ends from the veggie patch - courgettes (in an omlette) and the carrots and runner beans for Sundays dinner, so now the patch looks a bit bare - some cabbage and sprouts have gone in, and a few bits and pieces left (lettuces, and peppers mostly) but to be honest it was quite cold last night and I dont think they will last much longer. The worms have moved into the shed for the winter (as long as they dont actually get frost on them they will be fine) and the bananas have got covered up (when it goes below 5 degrees I start to worry) and also the brugmansia which has been really slow this year - I've got flower spikes but not much to look at and if it keeps getting colder I wont get any flowers this year (normally you would have them by now) Still I'll take some cuttings just in case.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

New Plantings

I've been sorting out the veggie patch - using up the beetroot, runners, dwarf beans and generally having a good clearout! The beetroot was lovely - really red fingers afterwards and even no. 1 son enjoyed it (although the girlfriend looked horrified that he was going to eat it and couldnt even be persuaded to try some!!)
If started planting up the cabbages and brussels for over winter (just in time for Christmas day hopefully) the idea is just to keep topping up the squares with fresh compost (mixed with a bit of the worm compost) - hopefully it should give them a bit of a boost. The cue's are getting bigger in fact its hard to keep up with the courgettes - one did manage to hide itself and become a marrow! but a neighbour said it was delicious!! You know I love courgettes but when they become marrows I'm at a lost (my neighbour said she stuffs hers with sausage meat and then bakes it - will have to give it a go).
Its been a funny few days here - sun and cloud but no rain (the water butt is finally empty) still I'm not really complaining I seem to prefer the cooler weather than a really hot heatwave (you dont want to do anything except sleep!!)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Ok - Guess who let son loose in the garden!! Yep me - I asked if he could help trim a hedge - never again - 6 black bin bags later!!!! I now have a hole along my fence that is about 6 ft long!
He said "it looked messy so I kept going until it looked right!" Yes....
Well now, I've decided to fill the gap with some roses (especially for my Mum) - one in particular is called " My Mum" isnt that lovely? Its a deep red patio rose and then behind it is a taller t-rose called "Benjamin Britten" from David Austins collection again deep red chosen by my younger son - and in between I've planted loads of Lillies - again Mum's favourites (she couldnt have them in the house because of her Asthma so would have loads out in the garden) - can you see a pattern developing - so now its "Nan's place".
Also, I'm after a little bit of advice - Mum was cremated and her ashes interned in a cememtary which we have ordered a stone for. You are not allowed really big plants so I'm after a little patio rose which will happily grow in a pot - any ideas? If anyone knows of a mail-order or local nursery to me (Portsmouth) I would be most grateful. Thanks

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Queen Elizabeth Forest

We took 16 children from our estate up to Queen Elizabeth Forest yesterday - got a few looks and some thought us utterly mad but I tell you what I loved it. My boys are too old now to want to go and do mad things (especially if Mum decides to embarress them!!) anyway, it was great they loved it. Right up at the top they have lots of climbing, balance equipment all made from wood in the shape of animals, then we had a picnic and took the long walk back down the hill - some of the kids were rolling down it was great to see the smiles and laughter (until they found the rabbit poo!!) and at the bottom we came to a big pond. The Park Ranger organised some nets and trays (to put your finds in) - we found dragonfly larvae, mayfly, newts, fish, snails and some really odd bits that no one could identify. The kids didnt go in which I was glad!! and the animals were put back in safely! then we were given some card with a line of double sided sticky tape and walked along a path to the far field - the kids made their own bookmarks with all the different petals and leaves - considering we all walked the same path not one bookmark was the same!! Then on to the field for more games (being blindfolded and lead by a 9 year old was quite an experience!! - we had to feel the trees not just looking but there was some big patches of nettles!!) and then back to the shop and home. They got off the mini-bus with lots of smiles and tired faces so I think they enjoyed themselves!! Just got to think off the next trip now and try to persuade some more Mums to come along. Ohh and the pictures guess who forgot to take her camera!!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Gardening by the Moon

You may have noticed I've added a moon to the blog this is because I am fascinated by the fact that some people garden by the different moon phases - the findings that I've been reading about seem to work so I thought ok lets try it and see if it works (cant be that difficult can it?) - you just download a years moon chart (google moon chart and download it free) and it gives you ideas on when to plant what e.g on August 19 - 21 you can plant leaf crops. I think it lies in the water table in relation to the moon - if you have tried this please let me know how you got on? Thanks