Saturday, August 18, 2007

These are the baby sweetcorn (the sort you stir-fry) I'm really pleased because the tassles are beginning to show - wont be long now - you grow them in a block because they are wind pollinated.
No comments about how rude and prickily the cue is please!!! but it is the second one from the same plant!! So well pleased with it.
Good old nastursiums - they have been coming back every year with no help whatsoever from me! They are so full of sunshine and joy, they just make me smile and you can eat the flowers!! (bit peppery but nice in a salad).
Its been a funny week - sunshine and then rain. I'm sitting here looking out at the garden the wind is blowing like mad, the trees are dropping bits all over the lawn(hum...) but there is not a thing I can do - its chucking it down!! Still hopefully next week it will brighten up a bit the weather forecasters say - we shall wait and see! I'm taking a group of kids from our estate to the Queen Elizabeth forest on Tuesday for a bit of bug hunting and pond dipping and generally get them off the estate and use a bit of energy up running up and down the forest trails - should be a good laugh as we are taking a picnic too - some of them hardly know a thing about plants so its a good way of teaching them without them realising! Last time we found some lovely little alpine strawberries - the first time they had seen real strawberries not from a supermarket!! (You'd be surprised what some of them come out with!)

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