Sunday, August 19, 2007

Gardening by the Moon

You may have noticed I've added a moon to the blog this is because I am fascinated by the fact that some people garden by the different moon phases - the findings that I've been reading about seem to work so I thought ok lets try it and see if it works (cant be that difficult can it?) - you just download a years moon chart (google moon chart and download it free) and it gives you ideas on when to plant what e.g on August 19 - 21 you can plant leaf crops. I think it lies in the water table in relation to the moon - if you have tried this please let me know how you got on? Thanks


RUTH said...

I don't know if this blog may be of interest to you

never tried moon planting myself but I know many gardeners follow it.

Margaret said...

Ive noticed a lot of interest in this lately , I know very little about it , does it apply to just veg or flowers as well ?

Ali said...

I have recently begun moon planting and was refered to Cosmic Garden ~ is that where you found my blog link ??

Prakash said...

I am a beginner in gardening.I am in India on the eastern coast but closer to the forest area and have been working with farmers as a development facilitator.
I have a bought a plot of land and just begun to try my hand on gardening.
My wife is interested in gardening a well and knows much more than me by practice.
In india farmers relate to cosmic movement for their agricultural operation. I am yet to learn the details.
Will keep posting as I progress in my learning.