Friday, August 24, 2007

Ok - Guess who let son loose in the garden!! Yep me - I asked if he could help trim a hedge - never again - 6 black bin bags later!!!! I now have a hole along my fence that is about 6 ft long!
He said "it looked messy so I kept going until it looked right!" Yes....
Well now, I've decided to fill the gap with some roses (especially for my Mum) - one in particular is called " My Mum" isnt that lovely? Its a deep red patio rose and then behind it is a taller t-rose called "Benjamin Britten" from David Austins collection again deep red chosen by my younger son - and in between I've planted loads of Lillies - again Mum's favourites (she couldnt have them in the house because of her Asthma so would have loads out in the garden) - can you see a pattern developing - so now its "Nan's place".
Also, I'm after a little bit of advice - Mum was cremated and her ashes interned in a cememtary which we have ordered a stone for. You are not allowed really big plants so I'm after a little patio rose which will happily grow in a pot - any ideas? If anyone knows of a mail-order or local nursery to me (Portsmouth) I would be most grateful. Thanks

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RUTH said...

I do hope you find the perfect rose