Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Queen Elizabeth Forest

We took 16 children from our estate up to Queen Elizabeth Forest yesterday - got a few looks and some thought us utterly mad but I tell you what I loved it. My boys are too old now to want to go and do mad things (especially if Mum decides to embarress them!!) anyway, it was great they loved it. Right up at the top they have lots of climbing, balance equipment all made from wood in the shape of animals, then we had a picnic and took the long walk back down the hill - some of the kids were rolling down it was great to see the smiles and laughter (until they found the rabbit poo!!) and at the bottom we came to a big pond. The Park Ranger organised some nets and trays (to put your finds in) - we found dragonfly larvae, mayfly, newts, fish, snails and some really odd bits that no one could identify. The kids didnt go in which I was glad!! and the animals were put back in safely! then we were given some card with a line of double sided sticky tape and walked along a path to the far field - the kids made their own bookmarks with all the different petals and leaves - considering we all walked the same path not one bookmark was the same!! Then on to the field for more games (being blindfolded and lead by a 9 year old was quite an experience!! - we had to feel the trees not just looking but there was some big patches of nettles!!) and then back to the shop and home. They got off the mini-bus with lots of smiles and tired faces so I think they enjoyed themselves!! Just got to think off the next trip now and try to persuade some more Mums to come along. Ohh and the pictures guess who forgot to take her camera!!!!


RUTH said...

Sounds a fabulous day. I would have enjoyed it myself. Shame you forgot your camera but you've described it so well i can picture it...even the rabbit poo! :o)

Ali said...

Hi ~ glad you visited my blog as now I know where you are :)

Is that a banana plant I see in the pic at the title of your blog??

Your sq.ft vegie gardens are looking great :)

Crafty Gardener said...

That sounds like a fun and learing day out you had. It sure is hard coming up with interesting things to entertain kids isn't it.

Glad you stopped by my blog. I'll add you to my blogroll so I can visit again.

You sure are making good use of all the space in your garden.

mrsnesbitt said...

Thanksfor visiting my blog today.

Andrew received Band C grades.......
unheard of! He was outstanding and should have A and A*...
I can say this here, but not on my own blog!