Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Sun is shining!

Yes, finally the sun has come out and its stopped raining - my heart goes out to all the gardeners whose poor gardens have been completely covered in flood water.
I've been out today just tidying up - do the edges (too wet to cut the grass) and deadheading and weeding.
We ate our first cabbage (savoy) and carrots which were huge! I think I might have left them a little too long. The cucumber is growing so wont be long!!! (Few rude comments have been expressed at how prickily it is!!)
I am going up to a local nursery tomorrow to buy a rose for my Mum (a nice dark red one which she loved) it must have a strong scent (I dont believe roses should be grown that dont smell - whats the point!! - still thats another argument I have when I go to a florist!!) I'll look at the David Austin roses as I believe they are some of the best for disease resistance and the shape and smell - so fingers crossed!

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RUTH said...

Well done with you veg; had to smile at the idea of a prickly cucumber. Ernest Morse is a lovely red rose with a beautiful scent but not sure about it's disease resistance (I've had no problems though). I agree with you Roses MUST smell nice...and know the David Austin roses are some of the best. Sending a {{HUG}}