Wednesday, September 05, 2007

New Plantings

I've been sorting out the veggie patch - using up the beetroot, runners, dwarf beans and generally having a good clearout! The beetroot was lovely - really red fingers afterwards and even no. 1 son enjoyed it (although the girlfriend looked horrified that he was going to eat it and couldnt even be persuaded to try some!!)
If started planting up the cabbages and brussels for over winter (just in time for Christmas day hopefully) the idea is just to keep topping up the squares with fresh compost (mixed with a bit of the worm compost) - hopefully it should give them a bit of a boost. The cue's are getting bigger in fact its hard to keep up with the courgettes - one did manage to hide itself and become a marrow! but a neighbour said it was delicious!! You know I love courgettes but when they become marrows I'm at a lost (my neighbour said she stuffs hers with sausage meat and then bakes it - will have to give it a go).
Its been a funny few days here - sun and cloud but no rain (the water butt is finally empty) still I'm not really complaining I seem to prefer the cooler weather than a really hot heatwave (you dont want to do anything except sleep!!)

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