Thursday, September 27, 2007


Ok it was hailstoning yesterday - fine all of you that live in Scotland but here in the South of England thats all most un heard of! My son went running out into the garden to collect them and currently they are residing in my freezer!

The water butt is now full - one nights worth of rain and the downpipe did its job collecting the rain from me and my neighbours roof (we are semi-detached!) so am really pleased.

I finished off all the odds and ends from the veggie patch - courgettes (in an omlette) and the carrots and runner beans for Sundays dinner, so now the patch looks a bit bare - some cabbage and sprouts have gone in, and a few bits and pieces left (lettuces, and peppers mostly) but to be honest it was quite cold last night and I dont think they will last much longer. The worms have moved into the shed for the winter (as long as they dont actually get frost on them they will be fine) and the bananas have got covered up (when it goes below 5 degrees I start to worry) and also the brugmansia which has been really slow this year - I've got flower spikes but not much to look at and if it keeps getting colder I wont get any flowers this year (normally you would have them by now) Still I'll take some cuttings just in case.

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