Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Cutting Grass

Why am I still cutting my grass in November? I thought it was meant to go to sleep over the winter - but with the warm weather still its growing like anything!! I even had a man round asking if I would like him to cut it - only £12.00 front and back!! Said I would do it myself. I apologise for not writing in my blog for a while - I've been really busy - I've gone back to work (after 13 years of looking after my Mum) and I've also started a college course - Diploma in Administration. Well you will laugh I am training to be a Secretary again (was before I had my children) and my job is in the Butchery counter of Tescos. Well guess whos now a Bronze Butcher!!! Yep passed the first test last Friday - I keep giggling to myself at Mum's face would have been at me being a Butcher!!! Any meat anyone.......!!! What with two exams next week in Text and Word Processing just where the future lies no one knows!
You know I used to think that working in a supermarket was only for those people who couldnt get any other job - or Mums just filling in time whilst their kids are at school - well I apologise - my feet are k******!! I take my hat off to all you men and women - they earn their money - it is not an easy job and some of the comments you get well...!!! People can be quite rude - I had to weigh the same two pieces of meat 6 times until two old dears decided which one to have (there was only 6p difference!) it didnt bother me but the queue behind was not amused!! Lets just say the man behind decided for them and even offered to buy the bloomin bit if they would just get a move on!! You do have a laugh - I think you have to but its just standing for 6 1/2 hours that my poor feet arnt used to!!


Margaret said...

yeh I know people think its easy working in a supermarket ! I had people swear at me throw things at me and generally treat me like a servant , then again there was customers who you got to know and could have a good laugh with , I was always glad to get back to my garden , my little bit of heaven on earth ! Im sure ur Mum will be watchin over you and be very proud !

Lady Jana Muck said...

I thought I was the only person who said thank you to the hole in the wall. The best one was an old cleaning lady where I used to work, who used to say thank you to the voice in the lift every time it said "doors opening"
Nice garden by the way.