Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Sun is Shining

Its been a lovely day here today - finally out and done all the silly little jobs (weeding - how come they always grow well even though you dont feed them!!!) and generally having a tidy up and deadheading things.

The datura is growing, I've sprinkled some night scented stock round the base - we have a bat that comes visiting especially when the datura was flowering and I thought that the night scented stock might encourage some insects for the bat to eat!

I also thought you might like to see the little potatoe that came out of my compost pot bag - isn't it cute - it seems rotten to cut into it - pity its not valentines day!!


Margaret said...

that little tattie heart is so cute and the Datura is growing well , the cutting you sent me has recovered from its travels and is looking great ,im loosing the will to live with my Tomatoes though had to get rid of one of the plants today coz of blight !

RUTH said...

Cute potato. My Daturas are growing but no sign of flower buds yet. Hopefully we'll get longer periods of sun soon; pouring down here today (Sunday). Happy Gardening.