Sunday, July 22, 2007


I just thought I would let everyone know I had some sad news on Tuesday 17 July - my Mum sadly passed away. I am totally gutted - I know its been coming for a while (I've looked after her for 13 years) but still its my Mum. Strange coincidences have been occurring though - she passed away at 6pm thats the time she used to ring me every night, also the man doing the service is called David Steven (my two boys names) and when we went to put the announcement in the local paper Mums name came up on the receipt - of course the lady was mortified but I thought Mum would have curled up with laughter that she had paid for her own announcement.
The hardest thing at the moment is that of course my Carers money stops after a month and they want me to get a job within that time (how? the last time I worked was before my eldest was born - he's now nearly 17!) so I thought I would go back to college and train up back in office work (used to be a civil servant) and it will give me a bit of time - everytime I speak about my Mum I just start crying - wouldnt look good in the work place would it! Mum was my life and my best friend - I am going to miss her soo much.

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RUTH said...

Heartfelt coldolences. I do understand how sad you must be feeling. I know the probems you will have to face re the carers allowance ending....have been battling myself with the you I'm going to have to face trying to get a job at some point; so difficult when all you want to do is grieve.