Saturday, June 16, 2007

Its getting bigger! The brocolli head actually looks like brocolli! (As you can guess first time growing it!!)

and yes (Margaret) the Datura is growing also, up to waist height now.

Not bad considering it was left outside all winter with just a fleece jacket and some straw around it - you can see the old stems have been cut down now - they are hollow inside - great for ladybugs to over winter so I dont cut them down until late May to give them a chance of survival.

The Climbing courgette is coming along great too - was a little doubtful but seems to be growing up the oblisk without too much help and I've got some babies growing!

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Margaret said...

Everything in your garden looks great ! Im so jealous of your Datura ! im not letting you see a pic of mine you would laugh !
Happy gardening