Sunday, June 10, 2007

I haven't stopped today! Cut the grass and done the edges (do you cut the edges first or last - I never am sure just that if you cut the grass first you can see the edges better!) then cut some of the hedges round the garden - they were getting a bit tall.
On Friday I went to a garden show (Stanstead) which was really good - lots of plants to buy!! and a talk with Anne-Marie Powell all about Chelsea which she has presented this year. I also got to ask her about Garden Rivals whether they really do a garden in a day and she said you bet they work from morning till night - 5 days a week so its not just one a week its 5! She said that was 7 years ago now and there is no way she could do that now. Anyway, planted some plants that I brought and then generally tidied up. Hot today 25degrees!


RUTH said...

Lucky you getting to a garden show and how exciting to talk to Anne-Marie Powell.

genuisscuffy said...

It was really great to see someone in the flesh! She is so full of enthusiasm it is really refreshing.

Margaret said...

I alway cut the edges last , like you I think its eaier to do afterwards , I love nice tidy edges make it look so much neater ? Hows the weather with you ? its a wee bit drookit here