Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Still untidy! I have painted the outside of the raised beds and put netting over to stop the local cats doing their bit! Once the banana comes out from its fleece wrapping it should look a lot better - especially when I start planting (can't wait!!) I am so looking forward to eating fresh veggies even No. 2 son has been asking when he can plant something (even more amazing when you consider he normally only grunts at something!)


RUTH said...

We have a grandson going through the "grunt" period so you have my & his mum's) sympathies. Do you also find that when you ask what he's done at school he says "Nothing"!

genuisscuffy said...

Don't I know it - two sons 15 and 16 and I have to keep asking questions just to find anything out - if I ask too much I'm just nagging!!!