Sunday, February 25, 2007

Square Foot Planting

I have started a Square Foot Garden in front of the shed in my back garden - the space was just covered in lots of pots and it gets the most sunlight.

It didnt take long - my two sons helped build the boxes and then using an American guy's book (Mel Bartholomew) put in compost, peat and vermiculite. Then over the top of the frame you put a grid and just plant in the grids. One plant per square foot - depending on the plant e.g radishes x 16, cabbage x 1.

I'm really looking forward to eating my own veggies this year.


RUTH said...

It's surprising how much you can get out of a small area with the right planting. Catch crops like radishes are really handy.

genuisscuffy said...

Thanks, I painted the outside of the planks today (Not the inside incase it leaches into the soil) just to pretty it up! - I've started some climbing courgettes to go on the oblisk - something different!

RUTH said...

That does sound different. What a good idea; we stopped growing courgettes because of space problems; shall look into the climbing varieties.

genuisscuffy said...

You can get them at Thompson & Morgan - Black Forest they are called - new this year - worth a go I thought - its the one thing we all like, I'm not sure just how many we will get from it but I'm planting two (one either side of the oblisk) let you know if I'm overrun!!