Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ok - kept the grass but added some herbs along the front to soften the edges! - Couple of sages (got to help with wisdom!) a thyme (lemon - great with fish), some parsley (flat leaved) and a couple of lavenders (cos they smell nice!!!). Put a weed mat down and gravel on the top. Also put in a few more stepping stones - otherwise the grass is turning more and more into mud! Really pleased things are gradually growing - just can't wait to get planting! (Another month or so and the frosts are finished) covered up the beds last night as it was still a bit chilly but the weather has been beautiful all day - bit of back ache tonight - nothing a good hot bath won't fix!!!

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RUTH said...

Know what you mean about the back ache...surprising how a few days of gardening after (for me) the long winter break takes its toll. Sadly no luxurious bath soak for me as no one around tonight to watch Mick. The beds and herbs (great idea) look fabulous! I'm really enjoying watching you!