Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Blooming Marvelous!

Everything is growing like mad - I've had the first salads, chard, strawberries and mangetout. Its been so nice, me and a friend are thinking about starting an allottment. We have some just over the road from us - but as we've only just started growing veggies we thought just half to begin with, with the option of a full one later.

I fancy potatoes (I can only grow them in a wheelie bin here), and carrots, broccolli and cabbage - all the things I dont have enough room for.


Anonymous said...

Nice to find another newbie and one who also has a small garden too. No recent entries though. Happy Gardening and drop by into my blog for a visit.

genuisscuffy said...

Thanks for looking - always surprised when someone does! I've started a new bit of the garden this year so hopefully lots of pictures etc as I'm really looking forward to it and finally worked out how to fit some veggies in my garden!