Saturday, June 03, 2006

Isnt it hot! 24 degrees - I might have to get out the hose (first time this year - not a ban yet!)
I took out a hebe yesterday - its been in for 11 years and this year the frost got it - it normally comes back but it finally gave up the ghost - as its right in the front of the border I've replaced it with some Nicotiana plants (they are right under my window so should smell gorgeous) and some grasses. I try and not put too many flowering plants in the front garden - the local children think nothing of nicking them! I keep the best for round the back.

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Sharon J said...

Our front gardens are all open plan so all we have is a small lawn, a rockery and a couple of hanging baskets. Oh, and a sunflower in a pot that doesn't appear to be doing much. Everybody else's have bloomed and are looking very regal whereas ours is about four foot tall and only has a bud so far.